Genital Integrity Awareness Week

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Details on GIAW 2019 Funds Needed


Please visit these intact-friendly businesses and organizations supporting GIAW!

Business Sponsors


Moon Bunny Arts
hand crafted custom designs for birth, babies, and beyond
Etsy | Facebook


• Include business Logo/Graphic with your donation of $100+

email this information to

All businesses will be shared with social media outlets.

Etsy Support Option

By Mail Option:

Saving Our Sons / GIAW

PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Individual GIAW 2019 Supporters

Thank you greatly for your generosity and support!


Kirk C.
A very special thank you to Kirk for sponsoring 50% of all GIAW 2019 expenses!

Michael M., Intact Pride

★ Daniel A.

★ Michelle P.

★ Robert B.

★ Deborah S.

★ Joe P.

Christina H., Intact Virginia

 Frederick F.


Elana J.Intact Jewish Network

★ Karen H.

★ Wendy B.

★ Sean B.

★ Marc D. 

★ Elizabeth M. 

★ Danelle D.

In honor of my healthy, happy, whole children,
and the future men we will save who will be 'born perfect' as babies this year!

David WilsonGIAW Founder

★ Jill K.

★ Heidi B.

★ Dolores S.

★ Luke O.

★ Lindsey J.

★ Jenifer M.

★ Brittany C.


★ Lauren W.


★ David B.


★ Justin L.

Sponsors of the Silent Survivors Stand *
(circumstraints added)

★ Roger D.
A big thank you to Roger for donating the funds needed to add 2 additional (used) circumstraints to the Silent Survivors Stand (to be used at expos across the nation throughout the rest of the year as well)!

★ Robert J.
A very special Thank You to Robert for donating funds needed for one full (used) circumstraint!

★ Kirk C.
Sincere Thank You to Kirk for donating funds needed for one full (used) circumstraint!

★ Christina H.

★ Michelle P.


★ Adrienne C.

★ Charles W.

★ Noelle L., Intact Tennessee / Intact Tennessee group for those in-state

 ★ Gini M., Intact Nebraska / Intact Nebraska group for those in-state

★ Amber C., Intact Houston / Intact Texas group for those in-state

★ Gingi Freeman Photography in Visalia, CA:

★ Graham R.

 ★ Eli S.

* Sponsors of Intact-Info Flags *

THURSDAY (GIAW Kick-off, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Amber A. - Thursday AM Flags
 🇺🇸 Rebecca W. - portion of Thursday PM Flags
🇺🇸 Andrea A. - portion of Thursday PM Flags

 FRIDAY (200 flags):
🇺🇸 Tara D. - Friday AM Flags
🇺🇸 Angela B. - Friday PM Flags

 SATURDAY (Capitol & White House, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Joe P. - all Saturday's Flags

 GIAW MARCH U.S. Capitol -- White House (+100 flags):
🇺🇸 Elizabeth L. - all Flags for Marching

 SUNDAY (and the GA Clothesline event, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Rebecca W. - all Sunday's Flags

 MONDAY (and the Silent Survivors Stand, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Janet M. - all Monday's Flags

 TUESDAY (and 'Kids Day' - 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Kirk C. - all Tuesday's Flags

 WEDNESDAY (GIAW 2019 Final Day - 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Kirk C. - All Wednesday's Flags

(3,000 vinyl waterproof stickers, 2 per flag) 
🇺🇸 Christina H. - portion of Flag Stickers

 Remaining need for flags' vinyl stickers (updated 3.21.19): $80 

All GIAW 2019 Supporters giving any amount of $10 or more will receive commemorative GIAW vinyl decals with additional intact awareness stickers to plant in your area, if a mailing address is provided. For GIAW sponsors giving $25 or more, a GIAW Educator pack (below) will be shipped, or can be picked up in DC.

Support on Etsy, by PayPal, or by mail (below). Please include a note with your address and selection choices, or email this to  Mailing addresses are needed to ship items. Etsy takes 10% of total donated, PayPal takes 5% of total donated unless you send via Friends/Family (then none is taken). Gifts are tax deductible as GIAW is pending 501c3 IRS status. Your thank you letter of support will be mailed to you and is your receipt of donation for any amount of $10 or more, provided a valid address is included.


Registration and Thank You packs include:

• 5 GIAW 2019 / Child Abuse Prevention Month vinyl decal stickers (3x3 inches)

• 1 GIAW 2019 commemorative button

• 5 American Circumcision and 5 Elephant in the Hospital waterproof, vinyl stickers for seed-planting in your area

• 1 intact lanyard of your choice (4 options to view here: Royal Blue, Ocean Blue, Violet, Hot Pink)

• 1 intact bracelet of your choice (view options)

• 1 intact pen of your choice (view options)

• Set of 25 vinyl stickers or professionally made cards of your choice (see sticker options here | see card options here

• Saving Our Sons drawstring sports pack

* If attending GIAW and picking up in DC: intact water bottle - or add $5 more to your donation to cover extra shipping and include a note that you'd like the water bottle 

Please verify your mailing address in a PayPal note or email to receive materials by mail.
By Etsy
By Mail:
Saving Our Sons / GIAW
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451