GIAW 2019 Sponsors

Please visit these intact-friendly businesses and organizations supporting GIAW!

Business Sponsors


Moon Bunny Arts
hand crafted custom designs for birth, babies, and beyond
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Individual GIAW 2019 Supporters

Thank you greatly for your generosity and support!


Kirk C.
A very special thank you to Kirk for sponsoring 50% of all GIAW 2019 expenses!

Michael M., Intact Pride

★ Daniel A.

★ Michelle P.

★ Robert B.

★ Deborah S.

★ Joe P.

Christina H., Intact Virginia

 Frederick F.


Elana J.Intact Jewish Network

★ Karen H.

★ Wendy B.

★ Sean B.

★ Marc D. 

★ Elizabeth M. 

★ Danelle D.

In honor of my healthy, happy, whole children,
and the future men we will save who will be 'born perfect' as babies this year!

David WilsonGIAW Founder

★ Jill K.

★ Heidi B.

★ Dolores S.

★ Luke O.

★ Lindsey J.

★ Jenifer M.

★ Brittany C.


★ Lauren W.


★ David B.


★ Justin L.

Sponsors of the Silent Survivors Stand *
(circumstraints added)

★ Roger D.
A big thank you to Roger for donating the funds needed to add 2 additional (used) circumstraints to the Silent Survivors Stand (to be used at expos across the nation throughout the rest of the year as well)!

★ Robert J.
A very special Thank You to Robert for donating funds needed for one full (used) circumstraint!

★ Kirk C.
Sincere Thank You to Kirk for donating funds needed for one full (used) circumstraint!

★ Christina H.

★ Michelle P.


★ Adrienne C.

★ Charles W.

★ Noelle L., Intact Tennessee / Intact Tennessee group for those in-state

 ★ Gini M., Intact Nebraska / Intact Nebraska group for those in-state

★ Amber C., Intact Houston / Intact Texas group for those in-state

★ Gingi Freeman Photography in Visalia, CA:

★ Graham R.

 ★ Eli S.

* Sponsors of Intact-Info Flags *

THURSDAY (GIAW Kick-off, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Amber A. - Thursday AM Flags
 🇺🇸 Rebecca W. - portion of Thursday PM Flags
🇺🇸 Andrea A. - portion of Thursday PM Flags

 FRIDAY (200 flags):
🇺🇸 Tara D. - Friday AM Flags
🇺🇸 Angela B. - Friday PM Flags

 SATURDAY (Capitol & White House, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Joe P. - all Saturday's Flags

 GIAW MARCH U.S. Capitol -- White House (+100 flags):
🇺🇸 Elizabeth L. - all Flags for Marching

 SUNDAY (and the GA Clothesline event, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Rebecca W. - all Sunday's Flags

 MONDAY (and the Silent Survivors Stand, 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Janet M. - all Monday's Flags

 TUESDAY (and 'Kids Day' - 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Kirk C. - all Tuesday's Flags

 WEDNESDAY (GIAW 2019 Final Day - 200 flags):
🇺🇸 Kirk C. - All Wednesday's Flags

(3,000 vinyl waterproof stickers, 2 per flag) 
🇺🇸 Christina H. - portion of Flag Stickers
🇺🇸 Danelle D. - portion of Flag Stickers

By Etsy
By Mail:
Saving Our Sons / GIAW
PO Box 1302
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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